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Recently voted one of the top 100 destinations in the country by Time Magazine, residents of Memphis homes for rent enjoy the benefit off having arts, culture, adventure, and fun all at their fingertips.

Home to Elvis, the blues and Sun Studios (where Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash and, yes, Elvis himself first recorded some of their biggest hits), it's a bit of an understatement to say that historic sites are plentiful here. Tastes of the Old South mingle with the birth of jazz and
soul to make a whole new experience for lucky residents of Memphis houses for rent.

The Davies Manor Plantation is the oldest furnished log cabin in the nation, and the destination's guided tours have landed it a spot on the National Register of Historic Places. The Slave Haven Underground Railroad Museum displays a secret cellar and trap door that assisted runaway slaves for years. Graceland is the historic home of Elvis Presley and his family, proudly displaying mementos and awards from throughout his career and personal life. Imagine residing in a Memphis rental home just minutes from the castle of the King!

Antique shops, shopping malls and unique boutiques dot the Memphis rental home landscape, with notable shops like Schwabs found near most Memphis houses for rent. Unique stores such as the 1910 Frameworks and Gallery, A Bodywise Company, or Alley Katz are all within strolling distance of many Memphis home rentals. Take a stroll through the Avenue Carriage Crossing and wander along the pedestrian-friendly walkway, where you'll be greeted by literally hundreds of great places to shop.

It's tough to be considered a true Memphis resident without experiencing the legendary nightlife. Music and Memphis go hand in hand, with Beale Street offering numerous venues in which new and exciting performers light up the stages each and every night. See great seasoned performers at Alex's Tavern, Alfred's, American Dream Safari or B.B. King's Blues Club. Whether you're in the mood for some old time rock-n-roll or a little bit of honky-tonk, Memphis homes for rent have got you covered.

Residents of Memphis rental homes live fulfilling and fun-filled lives. So why not search Memphis home for rent to find that perfect match for your individual tastes today?
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home for rent 1 Bedroom Single-Family Home for Rent $550 1 of 1  see next picture »
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3604 Douglass Ave Memphis, TN 38111 USA

1 Bedroom Single-Family Home for Rent $550

Call: (901) 725-7766

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1 1781702 35.1102, -89.9423 local: (901) 725-7766
home for rent 2 Bedroom Single-Family Home for Rent $450 1 of 1  see next picture »
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1337 Chadwick Cir Memphis, TN 38114 USA

Take our tour and fall in love.

2 Bedroom Single-Family Home for Rent $450

Call: (901) 288-9801

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2 1616887 35.1091, -89.9918 local: (901) 288-9801
townhouse for rent 1 Bedroom Townhome for Rent $475 1 of 4  see next picture »
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1150 Barksdale St S Memphis, TN 38114 USA

1 Bedroom Townhome for Rent $475

Call: (662) 255-0992

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3 1690482 35.1144, -89.9991 local: (662) 255-0992

Places in Memphis, Tennessee

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Arts Museums & Landmarks
Memphis is a city full of fascinating sights and endless wonders, but folks in Memphis apartments must never forget the people who fought to make it the city it is today. Memphis was home to a deep... more »
35.164489, -90.043519
826 North 2nd Street Memphis, Tennessee 38107 USA
(901) 527-3427
place 5
Arts Museums & Landmarks
The theatrical arts are an important part of the life of anyone from a Memphis apartment, and when scouring the city, they have many options when it comes to plays, but they'll be hard-pressed to f... more »
35.13516, -89.991803
2085 Monroe Avenue Memphis, Tennessee 38104 USA
(901) 274-7139
place 5
Arts Museums & Landmarks
In a city full of wonders, the Pyramid Arena has to be the most eye-popping of them all, a looming structure that's sure to catch the attention of all visitors and Memphis apartment residents alike... more »
35.157572, -90.049985
1 Auction Avenue Memphis, Tennessee 38105 USA
(901) 521-7909
place 4
Arts Museums & Landmarks
Ask any person just what makes the Peabody Hotel such an important landmark, and you'll get a number of different reasons. Some will mention the beautiful architecture, some will mention its rich h... more »
35.142681, -90.052117
149 Union Avenue Memphis, Tennessee 38103 USA
(901) 529-4000
place 5
Arts Museums & Landmarks
If you're a Memphis apartment resident looking for the best show in town, and are tired of having to search all over town, your problems should be solved by simply walking into the Orpheum Theatre.... more »
35.140013, -90.055145
203 South Main Street Memphis, Tennessee 38103 USA
(901) 525-3000
place 5
Arts Museums & Landmarks
Guitars have been an important part of American culture since their invention, and few guitars are more heralded than the Gibson. Now, folks from Memphis apartments can witness of the creation of t... more »
35.138749, -90.053198
145 Lt. George Lee Ave Memphis, Tennessee 38103 USA
(901) 544-7998
place 4
Parks & Recreation
When spring hits the city, folks from Memphis apartments can be found scouring the fields, playing, picnicking and doing all sorts of other fun activities in the warm Tennessee sun, and one of the ... more »
35.141949, -89.991653
Overton Park Memphis, Tennessee 38104 USA
place 5
Parks & Recreation
When the Tennessee sun gets a big too much for folks from Memphis apartments to handle, then its time to hit the water and have some fun, and one of the best spots in all of town to take in the wav... more »
35.170021, -90.053436
Mud Island Memphis, Tennessee USA
(901) 576-7241
place 4
Parks & Recreation
Some might say the best way to find an animal in Memphis to roam the streets, but the place to find some real wildlife is to give a visit to the Memphis Zoo, home to some of the most fascinating bi... more »
35.148324, -89.994619
2000 Prentiss Place Memphis, Tennessee 38112 USA
(901) 276-9453
place 5
Parks & Recreation
Memphis may be known for its barbecue and its music, but the town also have a rich vein of natural beauty to tap into, for someone from a Memphis apartment curious enough to go digging. There are n... more »
35.110915, -89.91831
750 Cherry Rd Memphis, Tennessee 38117 USA
(901) 636-4106
place 5